MasiK Options.

HP* 3-pen printing system.

  • Prints on the narrow side of the part (the 1-1/2in side). Refer to below sample picture.
  • Installed inside the saw.
  • Requires the installation of shorter flights on the printer side of the infeed chain.
  • Consumes approximately 5-10 SCFM of compressed air, tubed from the saw existing pneumatic circuit.
  • Minimum cutting length increases to:
    • 24in in auto or manual for 90deg cuts.
    • 36in in auto or manual for angle cuts 20/70-70/20
  • Maintenance is quick and easy but required daily.

Some restrictions apply.

Lot of electrical spare parts.

  • ILM Servomotor ILM (1X)
  • lot of cables (Sercos, Hybrid et Ethernet) (6X)
  • fuses (2X)
  • part counter sensor (1X)

Detailed list available upon request.

Lot of mechanical spare parts.

  • One 7.5 HP motor
  • 20L of MXEP lubricant
  • one spare 20in blade
  • sprockets
  • chain link
  • couplings
  • hold-down slides
  • springs
  • infeed flights
  • gears
  • saw blade brake cylinder
  • blade brake pad
  • brass nuts
  • pneumatic hose and fittings

A total of 94 items. Detailed list available upon request.

Supplementary catcher display monitor

  • 21 inches monitor installed on the catcher stationary side.
  • Displays in real time :
    • 2D representation of the previous part, of the current part and of the following part.
    • Each part is identified with its lot and name.
    • The current part has a larger image and shows the quantity required to cut.
    • Dimensions in X and Y coordinates are shown to ease quality control of cuts.

Lumber scrap inclined conveyor

  • Dimensions: 24in wide X 12ft in length. Approximatively 60in in height at discharge.
  • Motorized inclined conveyor connected and controlled by the saw.
  • Includes motor & gearbox assembly, belt, wiring and painted steel structure.

Lot of inclined conveyors for catcher

  • Create a buffer zone for the catcher in between the parts being cut and the material handling carts.
  • Covers 5 or 10 feet in length on the saw exit side.
  • Gravity roller conveyor including painted steel frame and wood stops.