asi[M]2 is a machine for squaring, nailing and routing the sheathing of a wall panel frame.


  • Handles frame made of 2×3 to 2×8, up to 30ft long
  • Wall frame height from 36in to 148in
  • Linear speed up to 39in/sec.
  • Nailer tilts at +/- 5° for vertical sheet joints
  • Configurable nailing pattern:
    • Minimum of 6in spacing (smaller spacing optional)
    • Independent settings in between studs and perimeter
  • Up to 3 nails per second
  • 2000 to 3500 nail coil holder
  • Multilingual English/French HMI
  • Wall files read: EHX, XML, WCD, ASII


  • Category 3 high end Schneider-Electric XPS relay with manual acknowledgement
  • Gantry with light-bar on both sides for instantaneous stops
  • Safe Torque Off
  • Emergency pull cord all around the perimeter
  • HMI panel e-stops
  • Polycarbonate nail guard
  • Safety shut-off valve at nailing gun
  • Air shut-down


  • Squaring and nailing automated system in one single module. Optional routing automated module for openings and wind braces
  • Gantry, nailer and router moving using servomotors linked to steel reinforced belts for higher speed and precision
  • One (1) MAX CN100 pneumatic nailer, or equivalent, to fix OSB / Aspenite and/or R4 insulating panels:
    • Handles nail up to 3.5 in long
    • Unique system using 2.5in roofing nails for R4 panels instead of plastic washers
  • Numerical control of nailing height:
    • Adjustable and recordable
  • Hybrid aluminum-steel structure
  • Eight (8) Schneider-Electric high resolution, high torque, high speed servomotors series BMi702P and BMi703P series
  • Planetary gearboxes with lifetime lubrication for increased efficiency and minimal maintenance
  • Thirty (30) feet exit conveyor
  • 20in Lenovo touchscreen SSD computer with asi(m) software and Windows 10 Pro OS, c/w ultra-intuitive human machine interface
  • Electrical control panel meeting CSA 22.2 #14 standards
  • Easy axis by axis calibration
  • Manual & automatic modes


  • asi(M)1 wall extrusion module
  • 5 HP 380VAC/3PH 24 000 rpm router with solid carbide cutting tool :
    • Comes with a ball bearing to minimize possible damage at openings corners
    • Pneumatic drill included to drill the approach hole for the router
    • Drill mounted on pneumatic axis
  • Supplementary monitor showing panel cut details
  • Spare parts tech box
  • Periodic maintenance program



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